Salon Services You Need Before Your Family Gathering

Salon Services You Need Before Your Family Gathering

When holidays and big events come up, it is inevitable to find yourself at a family gathering or get-togethers with friends. Everyone wants to show off a little to their loved ones, especially if it’s been a while since you’ve seen each other. Artisan Salon and Spa is here to help you look your best and feel amazing with our salon services. We are proudly serving the Palm Desert, California area and strive to make your beauty goals a reality.

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Haircuts And Color

No matter what hairstyle you currently have, the stylist at Artisan Salon and Spa has you covered. Whether you only need a trim or want to completely change your hair, we offer many services to get your hairstyle where you want it. We also provide many options for coloring your hair, including highlights, color correction, gray blending, and more!

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Hair Extensions

Is your hair not the length you want or giving you enough options to style it? Artisan Salon and Spa can add, remove, and modify hair extensions. We offer different tiers of experience with our beauty stylists, letting you choose whether you need someone who is new or someone with tons of experience, so your budget doesn’t have to take a hit, to make your hair look stunning at our beauty hair salon.

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Make-Up And Lashes

Your face shows your character, we can help you get the look you want. If you are wanting to highlight your natural face, or make a drastic appearance change, getting your make-up done by a professional is a must! We also offer lash lift and lash tinting to make your eyelashes pop!



Why worry about unwanted body hair during a family get-together? Removing unwanted hair is easy with our waxing services, and can make you feel more confident about yourself. We offer anything from eyebrows and other facial waxes to full-body waxes.

Whatever the occasion, look your best with our stylist at your side. Feeling good about how you look can add confidence and will make you radiate around your loved ones. Contact us today to get the look you want locally in Palm Desert, California!

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